Text to Donate


  1.  Open your mobile phone to Text messages, and click + to Add new Text, or Compose

  2. Type in 44321 and Enter  (*Check with mobile service provider but should not charge)

  3. Up will pop a text message box, type in all one word (no spaces):  Giveforgood

  4. Send the message, and wait for a second for the link to pop up

  5. Click on link that says:  “Donate using this secure link”

  6. Up will pop Stone Tablet Ministries

  7. Choose Amount to give

  8. Choose One time or Monthly

  9. Choose Payment or scroll down and click on “Choose another payment method.”

  10. You will have the option to Donate using your Bank Account, or Credit Card

  11. We appreciate your consideration covering the payment processing fee

  12. Click Donate