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9780996582902In this book,  Do You Know Who You Are?  Seeing Yourself Through the Mirror of God’s Word,  Dr. Heidi V. Ottenstein-Lewelling will help you find THE Truth.  If you’ve been wondering whether many traditional religious beliefs you have are true.  This is the book for you!  Get free from religion, and empower yourself to be the person God created you to be!  This is a must read for every Catholic, and every denominational believer seeking Truth.   It is loaded with Scriptural references that debunk religion keeping people in bondage.  It shows you how to operate created in God’s image!  You will realize your destiny is in your own hands.  Tap into the tools you need to do anything you want in order to live a blessed life.  Delve in and see yourself through the mirror of God’s Word!    Buy Now! 

9780996582919In this book,  The Church:  A Spiritual Trauma Center, Dr. Mark Richard Lewelling,  gives powerful insight into how to think like God.  He uses medical analogies to describe the stark contrast between how secular society thinks and how the believer in Christ should think.   Through solid Scriptural evidence you will discover how our reliance on God has shifted to a failing world system.  He also identifies the Jezebel spirit, its powerful influence on believers, and how to remove the operational tactics of Jezebel from your life.  You will also learn how to stand up for the Truth against a world that tells you otherwise.  This book is bold, to the point, humorous and a must read for those really wanting to grow up spiritually!        Buy Now!