Mark Richard Lewelling, Th.D.


Dr. Mark Richard Lewelling

Dr. Mark Richard Lewelling  РPastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Author, and lifetime servant of God. 
Early Years

Mark grew up the son of a preacher, with his parents being full time pastors.  Mark worked from a young age at anything the church needed.  When he was old enough, he became Youth Leader and then Associate Pastor alongside his father, Ken Lewelling.  

Eventually he ventured out on his own landing under the leadership of Pastor B.H.  Clendennen of Victory Temple in Beaumont, TX.  At Victory Temple, Mark served in many capacities of ministry.  He graduated to a more mature youth leader, followed by a youth counselor.  He then went on to lead the adult single’s group.  During his time with Pastor Clendennen, he was often called upon to solve problems while continuing to work in various aspects of church functionality.  One of his greatest strengths has been in the gift of helps.


A few years later, Mark became a full-blown missionary, building Churches, and Bible schools in Russia and Africa.  During his travels, he met Reinhard Bonnke.  He explained to him the concept of not birthing the lambs to leave for the wolves.   Bonnke was so impressed with Mark’s ideas, he flew him to Germany to discuss having him set up new churches.  His job was to place leaders in positions of authority after large crusades so the sheep were not left to the wolves.  Mark worked with Reinhard Bonnke as a Church Planter.  In this position, he would often stand in the office of Pastor until God raised up leaders to step in and take over.  

After returning to the States, Mark started the “School of Christ” Prison Ministry; a program for ministry in State and Federal Prisons Systems in the Beaumont, TX area.  Through School of Christ, Mark ministered in both minimum and maximum security prisons.  In recent years, Mark joined forces with Kairos Prison Ministry where he stood as Ordained Minister.

Mark’s missionary work placed him in many leadership positions such as Crusade Organizer, Bookkeeper,  Church planter, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, and numerous Ministry of Helps positions.  His extensive experience in a wide variety of ministry positions has given him a strong spiritual maturity needed for today.   In more recent years, Mark went back to school where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Leadership, his Masters in Ministry and he holds a Doctorate in Theology.  He is also a published author, currently working on his second book.


Mark is currently standing in the Office of Pastor at the Woodlands Forum Church, in the Woodlands, TX.    Mark and Heidi’s non-profit organization, Stone Tablet Ministries, is working to reach people with a deeper understanding of God’s Word through  audio teachings, and itinerant travel specializing is “Series” teachings covering a wide variety of topics.  If you would like Mark to come to your organization for a speaking engagement let him know, and he will do his best to accommodate your needs.