Heidi V. Lewelling, Th.D.

Dr. Heidi V. Lewelling is an ordained minister with the World Ministry Fellowship.  Heidi grew up familiar with Christianity through the Catholic Church.  “At that time, if you were Catholic, you just said, ‘I’m a Catholic.'”   In 1983; however, after she met the Lord and was born again, everything changed.  “I had a paradigm shift of thought about religion. Everything began to come alive and change. I had no idea I could be so close to the Lord, and literally walk with Him everyday.  The Bible changes the way a person thinks, and I needed a complete overhaul in my thinking.  “I didn’t realize I was searching for something in my life, and when I met Jesus, I found it.”

Her Studies

Heidi began to seek the calling God had on her life to teach.  Through intense study of the Bible, she came to understand true Christianity had very little to do with religion and everything to do with relationship.  She began to see the differences in all the various denominations, and how they patterned themselves more around what groups of people thought rather than the Word of God.  After many years in ministry, Heidi V. Lewelling obtained her Doctorate in Theology.

The Early Years

Heidi started her first church in the early 80s, and since has led Bible groups, taught the Elderly, and become an avid Bible teacher. She is a regular Intercessor, and has a special anointing in the area of prayer.  She studied under her mentor, Kenneth E. Hagin, and was ordained by him through an impartation he gave her in 1987.   She is used in many of the gifts, and has a special anointing of faith, and getting others healed and filled with the Holy Spirit. She is used in the prophetic, and is learning to step into the Office of the Prophet, as the Spirit wills.

Heidi has set her life aside for service to the Lord; being allowed by God to move in the supernatural.  She is an itinerant Bible teacher, and currently pastors with her husband Mark at The Landing in Augusta Woods.  Contact Heidi   if you’d like her to come minister at your Church, organization, or any type of meeting.


Dr. Heidi V. Lewelling currently stands in the Office of Teacher/Prophet.  She is an Intercessor, and is used in various gifts of the Spirit.   Heidi is also a singer/songwriter, and writes inspired folk pop songs with stories, and messages. She is also a radio personality on Audilous radio. You can hear her show, “Sound Light,” M-F 6-9pm Eastern standard time. Download the Audilous app, and click on the station: Worship 95.

 Her mission in life is to teach God’s Word and help grow the Church up for the soon return of Jesus Christ.  She is careful to always allow the Holy Spirit free reign in all services.  Her goal is to show people how to put the Word of God to work for them every day. Her expository teaching is designed to grow the body of Christ into spiritual maturity.  When Heidi ministers, the services are powerful;  with signs, wonders and miracles following.