Partner With Us

Thank you for considering a partnership with us!  When you partner here, your tax-deductible commitment will reach an amazing amount of people.  We assure you, it will go far!  Did you know Scripture tells us when we partner together, we also share in all the sucesses this ministry accomplishes?

So by partnering with us YOU will be instrumental in helping reach handicapped, elderly, addicts, mentally ill, those unable to attend regular church services, and anyone we can find whose life is scarred and missing Jesus! 

You  will even reach those who just don’t want to go to church, which is over 60% of the millenials.  Stone Tablet is geared toward reaching those tired of religious rules and regulations who just want to know they are loved, and forgiven. That was the call Jesus gave us, not to be religious, but to walk with Him and follow His Word. We believe the unreachable are those starving to hear the Good News, so by joining us, you are part of reaching this unique group, and when you do, the crown for your financial sacrifice will never go away!

So please keep learning with us because the lessons will keep coming each week!  We want you to join us for online Bible studies, and hopefully meet you at a service one day soon!    So while you are growing in Christ, your financial gifts will be working behind the scenes helping others  do the same, and according to the Word, when you help others, you are helping yourself! 
We look forward to our eternal friendship!
Mark and Heidi