Trust – Part 2

You can follow someone only to the degree that you trust them. And, if you don’t believe them, you won’t trust them. Know Jesus know peace; no Jesus, no peace.

Trust: Trust is Being Willing and Obedient – Part 3

We say we trust God, but when the trials come, we are not being obedient to the Word. Trusting God means fearing Him, and fearing God means to reverence and honor Him. True trust is nothing more than being willing and obedient to obey the Word of God.

Trust – Part 4

Where is the place you go for protection and security? Man? The economy? What the media tells you? What the doctor says? What your bank account shows? Family and friends?

Trust: Trust is Expectation – Part 5

Many people say they trust God, but when the trials of life come, are they putting their actions in God for help? When we look all around for a solution, instead of directly to God for the answer, then we are putting our trust in our human effort, instead of expecting God’s help.

Trust: The Role of a True Disciple – Part 7

Many people say they trust God, but when the trials come, they trust the world instead of God. A Christian (Christ-like disciple) trusts in God. Today we will examine the depth of how trust plays the key role in the character of every true disciple. Are you a true disciple (follower) of Christ?