The Flesh – What is the Flesh – Part 1

Many don’t realize the flesh needs to be trained to line up with God. Our flesh is our emotions, affections, and/or feelings. Let’s familiarize ourselves with what our flesh is, so we can get started to learn how to train it.

The Flesh – Ignorance – Part 3

The single most effective weapon the devil uses against believers is getting them to fight a fight that is already won.
Learn how not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices.

The Flesh – Works Through Our Will – Part 4

Insisting on having your own way is considered being stubborn. You will
be amazed to find that being stubborn is a sin of the flesh, and considered witchcraft.
Is your will lined up with God’s will? Find out today!

The Flesh – Self-Control – Part 5

Soul = mind, will (power of choice), and emotions (feelings).
Satan’s greatest access point is our soul. He gains right-of-entry when
we allow our thoughts and emotions to make our decisions instead
of the Word of God. Satan does this by seducing our emotions.
Faith is not an emotion nor activated by emotions – fear is.
Faith is accomplished by the spoken Word of God.

The Flesh – Summation – Part 6

Our emotions, when estranged from God, tend to exaggerate the situation. Our flesh speaks, but not the Gospel. It speaks the emotions of our circumstances. Recognize your emotions, and line them up with God’s Word.