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How To Wait on God-Part 5

The past several weeks we have discussed 6 steps that help us wait on God for answers. Today, we are going to take those steps, and walk through them; using practical daily applications where we would use them. We will take examples for healing, finances, and a peaceful and whole mind, and demonstrate how to put the Word of God into practice. So let’s dive in, take Scriptures to line up with what we want, and apply them.

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How to Wait on God-Part 3

Waiting on God requires constant awareness of our thoughts, words and actions. When a person has control over their emotions (thoughts) and actions; they can develop the ability to hear from God. This is patience. If our thoughts rule us, we miss God because our feelings cause us to respond hastily and most often in the wrong direction. The Lord guides us through the Holy Spirit; not our feelings. The Holy Spirit guides us through the Word. So let’s continue to learn how to wait on God and get ourselves lined up to act according to His Word.

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